The REJUVADENT ™ stem cell protocol utilizes a multi-potent umbilical stem cell injection into the oral vasculature to encourage self-repair and healing. A simple injection which feels similar to getting numb for a filling is all you experience. The entire procedure takes less than 10 minutes. Frozen mesenchymal cells are thawed and without dilution inserted in a very vascular area... the mouth. Uptake is quick and downtime is limited to the numbness effect wearing off naturally. Mild discomfort at injection site could be noticed for 24 hours.

Umbilical cord stem cells contain a small, but significant amount of mesenchymal stem cells that signal 

self-healing and regeneration. In scientific terms, they are multi-potent stromal (connective tissue) cells that stimulates your body to differentiate them into a variety of cell types, including neurons, cartilage, fat, blood, bone, muscle. Multi-potent means they can develop into multiple types of cells, but divide a limited number of times (a built in safety mechanism). They are messengers that signal your body to activate self-healing and 

regeneration. The cells themselves do not create new tissue or healing, they signal your body to activate a cascade of cellular healing functions.

The REJUVADENT ™ Stem Cell Therapy involves the combined effects of diagnostic testing to access disease severity, treatment to reduce the resulting bacteria levels and the promotion of healing and tissue regeneration through the application of stem cell injections at the site of disease. 

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Marked reduction in the clinical and laboratory signs of acute and chronic inflammation

Decrease in the symptoms of oral, head, neck and periodontal pain

Sustained lowering of periodontal pathogen levels

Result in new bone growth within the periodontium

Reduce clinical attachment loss and associated periodontal pocket depths

Clinically demonstrated slowing of disease progression