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Smile with Heart: A Wellness Program for Your Practice

The effects of oral health on systemic health are well researched and proven. However, the journey towards implementing the oral systemic links concept into a dental practice can be overwhelming.

Where to start? How to learn? How to educate patients? 

How to get medical professionals on board?

Expand your practice while offering patients a comprehensive wellness program that goes beyond everyday dentistry.


Merge dentistry, medicine and genetics through a Smile with Heart program to educate and treat patients with an advanced focus on the oral-systemic link and help them achieve optimal health. The Smile with Heart program guides clinical thinking and evaluates symptoms, medical history, family history and clinical signs to pinpoint the root cause of inflammation.

Explore the business and clinical systems, review real-world cases and gain the communication skills to create value and guide patients through scheduling and critical follow-up. Learn how to evolve into a Progressive Practice through the concept of team dentistry, where each team member plays a critical role in the success of the practice. Discover how to gain greater efficiency and synchronization with a Wellness Coordinator position, who will facilitate the Smile with Heart program.

Get ready to elevate your practice and your patients to a whole new level of systemic health.

Suggested Audience: Dentists & Team, Practice Owner

Suggested Format: Full or Partial Day; Lecture, Workshop

Learning Objectives:

Explore the full Smile with Heart exam, check-out, and follow-up protocol

Recognizing the dental professional's role in patient co-management with medical teams, including utilization of blood work and Oral DNA pathogen testing

Compare and contrast the traditional new patient phone call with the wellness new patient call

Experience a mock scenario-based wellness new patient call

Understand the importance of becoming a detective and diving into medical and family history questions

Discuss case stories following patient journeys from conception to completion

Participate in a lively question and answer session

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