Regenerative medicine and dentistry takes advantage of the newest advancements in biological 

science. The goal is to find the root cause of the problem and treat it in the least invasive way. 

REJUVADENT ™ Stem Cell Therapy arms they body’s natural ability to stimulate your own reparative 

mechanisms. By optimizing the cellular environment inside your body you allow natural healing, as it did in your younger years. Stem cells have the ability to not only naturally remove the inflammatory 

conditions causing pain and damage in your body, but also to stimulate your own cells to regenerate themselves.

Human umbilical cord stem cells have an innate ability to encourage self-repair. They seek out 

inflammation and degeneration. REJUVADENT ™ Stem Cell Therapy is like giving your body fresh, “day 0”, very young stem cells to help with regeneration. Our stem cells age with us and we lose a significant percentage over time. That’s why as we age, our body does not recover at the same rate as it did when we were younger. 

BONE SUPPORT is an important aspect to our dental health and well-being. Without healthy bone we can lose more teeth. Periodontal disease is the main reason for degeneration of bone in the oral cavity. 

Therefore, to support the mouth we need to identify periodontal disease early and effectively treat it with traditional therapy and enhance the results via stem cell therapy.

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TISSUE and CELLULAR REGENERATION is an exciting aspect of stem cell therapy for the oral cavity. The undifferentiated cells can support the health and repair of endothelial cells of the clinical attachment of pockets, the blood, the ligaments and fibers, the bone and localized decrease of inflammation.