Dental pain and migraines can be excruciating with little to no relief until strong opioid medications are used. With the opioid epidemic in this country, we are looking for alternative non addictive solutions. REJUVADENT ™ Stem Cell Therapy has promise to be a natural solution to subside or relieve pain quickly.

Mesenchymal stem cell therapy properties are well known to effectively reduce inflammation and pain quickly. They have been utilized in the orthopedic world to assist in joint specific issues. The world of dentistry deals with Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) and the pain associated with it, the connected muscles, associated cartilage and resulting migraine induced symptoms. Debilitating symptoms seem to reduce quickly from a simple injection in the oral cavity. The arthritic effect of joints seems to become more tolerable and a noticeable increase in flexibility. 

Umbilical cord stem cells contain a small, but significant amount of mesenchymal stem cells that signal self-healing and regeneration . In scientific terms, they are multi-potent stromal (connective tissue) cells that stimulates your body to differentiate them into a variety of cell types, including neurons, cartilage, fat, blood, bone and muscle. Multi-potent means they can develop into multiple types of cells, but divide a limited number of times (a built in safety mechanism). They are messengers that signal your body to activate self-healing and regeneration. The cells themselves do not create new tissue or healing, they signal your body to activate a cascade of cellular healing functions. 

Examples of Dental Pain

  • Joint (TMJ/TMD) related pain

  • Migraines

  • Pain from dental infections

  • Pain from dental surgical procedures