Inflammation is the body’s natural way of calling out to other cells to rush to a place of injury and help repair the insult. Therefore, chronic inflammation is the key to so many common diseases we are dealing with as a society. Many factors contribute to the rise of inflammatory signals in the body and stem cells help encourage self-repair. 

Periodontal disease is a common chronic inflammatory disease process that is contributing large amounts of unknown inflammation into the body. It is a key player in the world of inflammation and the portal to entry of the very bacteria contributing to many common debilitating diseases.

Early periodontal disease is not painful and can go un-identified for many years until bone destruction is severe. Just like diabetes and heart disease there is no reason to wait till full blown debilitating symptoms have occurred. Periodontal disease needs to be identified earlier and treated therapeutically in order to decrease the overall burden on the body’s environment. Un-programmed embryonic stem cells can help seek out root cause of inflammation and support treatment of periodontal disease, resolve bacterial infections, reduce bacterial load, and encourage regeneration and repair. Decreasing inflammation is the name of the game to support healthier strong living.

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By optimizing the cellular environment inside your body you allow it to naturally heal, as it did in your younger years. Stem cells have the ability to not only remove the inflammatory conditions causing pain and damage in your body, but also to stimulate your own cells to combat inflammation.