A Balancing Act


The biggest lesson I've learned in life is, it is a constant balancing act that you have to continuously work hard at maintaining. The balance between family life, work life, spiritual life and personal life. Sometimes I falter with keeping each piece of my life in the correct balance. It's important to not give one portion too much attention and then let the others get away from you, but when I fall off a bit, I try to just step back for a minute and put the pieces back in place as best I ca to balance it out again.

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Experience the Difference


Dr. Jill Wade is a progressive leader in the field of Dentistry. As an industry pioneer she is paving the way on how to transform the traditional drill em, fill em, bill em offices into state-of-the-art preventive health focused patient centered practices. Her passion for optimizing oral health resonates with her patients, team and other health care professionals.

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Smile with Heart


Dr. Wade traces the success of her practice’s Smile with Heart program to her studying of the BaleDoneen Method®, which teaches medical and dental professionals a comprehensive way to treat patients in order to reduce inflammation, which in turn cases cardiovascular disease. The method, Wade explains, specifically identifies the source of inflammation, and much of the time it has proven to come from the oral cavity. 


How Stress Effects Your Smile

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Dental Implants



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Heart Health


Dr. Jill Wade on the Jennifer Sheehan Show

Jill Wade DDS MAGD and Maria Castano-Rendon DDS MSD on The Jennifer Sheehan Show, talking about how to get a beautiful smile using cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics.  Nothing is better than a beautiful smile.  Don't forget consults are complimentary and you are in good hands with these amazing doctors.