The digestive tract makes up 60% of our immune system. The mouth is the start or portal to entry and therefore must be included in our thought process of boosting and or healing the innate immune system.

REJUVADENT ™ Stem Cell Therapy allows multi-potent cells to move where they are needed and differentiate into specialized cells to complete repair or rejuvenation. The healthy epithelial lining of the mouth and gut is a protective wall to keep the bad bacteria out of our body. However, when breakdown or leakage occurs it acts as an open wound to allow entry of destructive pathogens to travel and destroy other systems and organs. Stem cells have the capacity to interact with our environment and balance it to a state of renewal. 

Many autoimmune diseases show their earliest signs of connective tissue destruction in the oral cavity. Upon these conditions earliest clinical presentation a treatment like REJUVADENT ™ Stem Cell Therapy could delay on set of debilitating symptoms.

A healthier stronger immune system supported by un-programmed stem cells, can help insure a microbiome capable of supporting our ability to heal and fight off inflammatory causing infections.


Autoimmune Disease (Antiphospholipidase, Lupus, Sjorgrens, etc.)

Increase Gut Health

Support Healthy Digestive Microbiome

Decrease Reflux

Increase Natural Body Defense Mechanism

Stablize Diabetic Sugar Levels